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The unique pop up UV+ 35 rated Beach Hut from OLPRO. Simply throw out the 80cm disc shaped bag and the 2m x 2m x 2m ready made beach hut will appear! No need to invest £100,000 in a beach front property – simply take your own where ever you fancy. The OLPRO Beach Hut is easy to carry anywhere. It's extremely light and at only 80cm takes up no room at all in the boot of a car. Once you're at the Beach, Park or where ever it's to be used unzip the carry bag the Beach Hut comes in and throw out the 2m squared Beach Hut. Once out you can peg down the corners and if you're on a beach use the great sand pockets all around it to keep your hut in place. The Beach Hut sand pockets are long pockets on each side of the hut which you simply fill with sand to keep the Beach Hut in place. These work amazingly well and we've used the Beach Hut in January, February and March on Great British beaches with absolutely no problems. You'll be amazed at how easily it stays in place and if you can put out the guy lines (if needed).

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